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Reminiscizing(?) on the 'venks sure was a pedo' before site goes delet or something

Posted 01-23-2021 at 10:08 AM by Zozo the Zrilufet
Just getting it out of my system before the forum is Kill for Reals I guess. I think it's more of a dialogue about how "in hindsight, this was hell of a red flag that sailed over 15 year old me's head so here's what those look like". It's not 'im still feelin as raw about it as when I posted last', it's more 'okay that sucked but I think I can use what happened as an education/talking point'. Post follows up on this

So the tl;dr for that link: Venks existed on the forums, was three years older than me and thought things like dating a 15 year old at 18, godmod raping their OC's and going "w/e i wont let rp rulez limit my artistic expression in MSN one-on-one rp" was some kind of defense when literally shown an article about why that was wrong. Laundry list of creepiness, could be there all day with examples. This was sometime over a decade ago but it sucked enough for a processing delay vent and 'headsup this was Fucked Up Actually' years later.


Venks was a pedo, like "oh I'm attracted to kids but I wouldn't like actually touch them for realsies so it's coo' right?". What the modern twitter hellscape would call a noMAP. Except like most 'maps' that aren't all that critical of what they do beyond "well I didnt diddle a kid in the parking lot on the way to tesco's so im gucci" they wind up offending or quasi-offending anyway because oops, feel-good uncritical validation that a person with the worst impulses wants to inhale at the first opportunity and nothing in the way of professional treatment isn't actually the way to go about it.

"but zozo, why were you friends with a guy that admitted pedophilic attraction in general over MSN" because I was a dumbass kid.

In any case this post is more about "things he posted to the forum that could've red-flagged but fell into 'oh x is just edgy/kidding/clueless/whatever, right?' " obscurity or they just weren't visible.


Onto post history:
Making the DMs into a pastebin because it's getting tl;dr, its more vaguely ehh than directly ehhhh in places and I feel like I'm either gonna bore people or be dismissed at 'doesnt count', idk.

I'll slap the forum stuff in a pastebin too. 'nother wall of text.

It's all long and boring so if you want something fun then idk, hit up webtoon's archive of webcomics or something.

In looking at the venks2 (Don't brigade, I just don't want the entirely unrelated lowercase venks profile being caught up in that) deviantArt page it throws up an unauthorized message aka "DeviantArt's layout is broke as hell or you're blocked" so I guess he's aware at this point unless I'm the dumbass that blocked and forgot. Did find it kind of suspicious that he was favouriting art blatantly done by kids+adding them to his watch list. I dunno, felt like they were being buttered up at that point.

I've been at this for hours and feel like I'm bordering close to stalking or pulping a dead horse even though I shouldn't feel like that's the case but eh. I don't think I'm gonna check back for responses on this one or followup because there's nothing more to say or effectively cover. I've got enough going on as it is and I phased out of Oddworld and the forums by proxy years ago.

Anyway, don't go chasing folk down but don't super extend your trust either is my take, peace.
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Varrok's Avatar
Oh, hey! I remember your nickname for some reason, but I'm not sure from where. What's up?

[reads the blog post and so is reminded of the previous one]

Posted 01-24-2021 at 04:40 AM by Varrok Varrok is offline

Tired Glutton's Avatar
Read the prev post and yeah god, I never knew venks but me and some friends ran in to a lot of internet pedos growing up too and it's so weird how much it doesn't click when ur a kid. Lot of this unfortunately familiar.

We ended up trolling the worst pedo a whole bunch eventually as older teens and he was so pathetic it was funny so I guess we got some catharsis lol

One of the others eventually got kinda big on Tumblr and immensely called out too.
Posted 01-24-2021 at 05:04 AM by Tired Glutton Tired Glutton is offline

STM's Avatar
Damn that's disgusting. If you know anything about him IRL maybe you can drop a tip off to the feds? I think this is one of the rare circumstances where I'm fully behind snitching and letting law enforcement sort it out. Once a nonce, always a fucking nonce. There's nothing to say he isn't doing this disgusting shit to other kids now, 10 years on.
Posted 01-26-2021 at 05:03 AM by STM STM is offline

Alf Shall Rise's Avatar
this is still as disturbing as it was when i read the first blog post since i was friends with him during the time he had the chatroom set up. i had to be around 13. not nice to think about. in hindsight it seems obvious but that's usually how these things go.
Posted 02-02-2021 at 08:22 PM by Alf Shall Rise Alf Shall Rise is offline

Nepsotic's Avatar
oh god

so reading this makes me realise just how lucky I was that when I was young and impressionable I happened to bump into someone who wasn't remotely into that power dynamic and didn't take advantage of or manipulate me

i'm sorry not everyone is as lucky as me :/
Posted 03-10-2021 at 06:46 AM by Nepsotic Nepsotic is offline


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