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03-19-2019, 09:00 AM
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So Soulstorm's release got moved again

In all seriousness, 4 years of development are understable for the various reasons OWI explained but imo you can't keep changing the release date every year, that could really kill the hype and the fan base itself. A lot of people are pissed, including myself. I understand that Lorne is worried about making the game as appreciable as possible, but teasing is essential for a title like this.
We've seen what Soulstorm is like this time: it's a whole new and darker game which also got a new design that looks more realistic and less comical unlike the previous titles. Yet as others said we didn't see any gameplay, we only got some little info about how it could be like but no footage at all. And postponing the release date every year will make OWI eventually lose a great part of its community's interest regarding Soulstorm.

As for the cinematic I liked it and appreciated its release, but not so much.
The flying Sligs are looking good and got a more modern tech sort of (they just got two propellers, which aids them in the flight for sure), but yet, even with 1080p of video quality, I see that their textures are not well defined and/or not fully rendered. There may be two possible reasons for this: 1) The models or the whole cinematic are not final and actually need to be improved (or, even better, completed); 2) The latest Unity rendering techniques are not of a great quality.
Anyway I like em. The Magog logo is a nice touch, the machine gun makes them more dangerous (but it's kind of illogical, it's a heavy gun and it shouldn't help much in flying) and they look more modern with still an industrial style at which OWI never fails imo. The train is the proof of it, it's dope but yet it looks like its texture quality is also not great, same for the bottles, which makes me really less intersted in Unity latest rendering engines. At least Toby and Alf are well rendered. I like them more ofc. They both have more muscle mass than other mudokons did (especially Alf, which was skinny as everymud else was), and this is normal; they're not slaves, and I'm sure it's possible for them to get some muscles as well it is for humans when they're being forced to work 24h a day.
The animation is also good, definitively better than the one seen in New n Tasty.
But in some points...'s bad. Toby's eyes stretching up there for example is exaggerated and probably was meant to still have that comic style every main Oddworld game had, yet it's bad.
The lighting and the bloom seems to be both better compared to NnT, but not the best imo.
Alf saying "Holy Fuck" is the best thing of this cinematic.
And the Shaman is amazing, probably the most well-made thing we saw from Soulstorm.

So what I can say, I am excited but obviously it's gonna take lots of time for OWI to finish this. The more I see this video the more I realize it. I can wait but I'm not sure if this is coming around 2020, I'm sorry but I can't trust OWI anymore regarding release dates. I just can't. Well done, but I hope Lorne leads the project in the best way as possible.
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