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do not pretend as if i am not like the thanos of this forum

Posted 01-02-2022 at 04:14 AM by Daxter King
i hold the destiny of this forum in one hand and with the snap of one of my fingers, i will turn all of you into femboys
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Alf Shall Rise's Avatar
buddy there's not a single guy on here who isn't already a femboy
Posted 01-02-2022 at 11:04 AM by Alf Shall Rise

STM's Avatar
I'm a retired femboy and I'm not cute enough to go back now.
Posted 01-11-2022 at 02:36 AM by STM

RoryF's Avatar
the power of the sun, in the palm of my hand.
Posted 01-12-2022 at 04:54 PM by RoryF

Nepsotic's Avatar
hello peder
Posted 01-13-2022 at 05:11 PM by Nepsotic


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