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Posted 05-18-2015 at 12:00 PM by MA
Updated 10-31-2020 at 09:26 AM by MA
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You're wrong. We're doing the right thing and these thoughts are unhealthy and depressing.
Posted 05-18-2015 at 01:01 PM by Varrok

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Posted 05-18-2015 at 01:28 PM by MA
Updated 10-31-2020 at 09:27 AM by MA

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Jokes aside, there is a fair balance between motivating yourself that you can do better and accepting the state you're in. Both are bad in extremes, for different reasons.
Posted 05-18-2015 at 02:23 PM by Varrok

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Life's short. Have fun.

I think that's why I've took a keen interest in Stargazing this year. It gives you a sense of understanding; Makes you think how small and insignificant we all are but at the same time, makes you appreciate what you are, who you are and how amazing this planet is.
Posted 05-19-2015 at 05:46 AM by Crashpunk
Updated 05-19-2015 at 05:48 AM by Crashpunk

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Posted 05-19-2015 at 06:45 AM by MA
Updated 10-31-2020 at 09:27 AM by MA

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Excellent, I'll bring the hookers.
Posted 05-20-2015 at 09:58 AM by STM

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Posted 06-07-2015 at 05:55 AM by MA
Updated 06-08-2015 at 02:26 AM by MA

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Hey Crashpunk, if you enjoy Stargazing, I heartily reccomended going on a cruise in one of the universe simulators they have. The views can be outstanding, but the best part is the sense of scale

Nothing quite beats zipping around so fast the galaxies look like stars, just to pick one at random, slow down to what feels impossibly slow, and then realize you still have to slow down.

Then, when the the galaxy reveals itself at a bunch of stars, you get to pick a star at random and do it again, until you come upon whatever variety of planets are around it.

It's spuritual, mate.
Posted 06-08-2015 at 07:47 PM by Abeguy


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