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i am roleplaying as someone who likes oddworld

stranger wrath is my favourite game in the series its just like rdr2 i hope the in the next oddworld game Lorne decides to make it with a big open world like rdr.

i love the clakkerz they are so funny.

hey chump, follow me! Ok!

The best bit in abe odyssey is when abe is caught by mullock and big face has to save him from getting turned into meat and then abe farts in mosaic lines.

rapture farms is such a cool place i hope in soulstorm 2 we will go back to rapture farms to explore other parts of the factory and maybe see a meech.

i don't get all the haters soulstorm was an amazing game. i love the sections where you have to save all the mudokons climbing up the ladders while the sligs shoot them off it took me 79 goes and then the game crashed and corrupted my save file so i had to start from the beginning again but it was worth it.

i love finding spare change in bins to open the locks

i loved the story of soulstorm i think it was much more accessible than exodus and it's cool that abe has a mum i think in the next game we will see her.

i hope oddworld's next game is a battle royal it would be so fun to play as a slig and get flying pants and shoot grendades at mudokans.
Oh yeah, fair point. Maybe he was just tortured until he lost consciousness.

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