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Almost ten years, six days and three ounces

Posted 06-20-2019 at 12:43 PM by Nepsotic
I've almost been here for longer than I haven't. I bet I'd be a totally different person if my dad never pulled AO out of that box of PS1 games and had me play it.

I don't know what situation would be so nice to be a good thing to get pounded in for the first time I've seen it before and I've been watching e3 and man what a shitshow of the time cuddling you in the long run anyway lol I think you have to do it in the morning and the blind forest is a bit of a mess but I'm sure the player will be able to do it in the morning and the blind forest is a bit of a mess but I'm sure the player will be able to do it in the morning.

That last bit was me just mashing autocomplete btw since I didn't have much else to say.
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Varrok's Avatar
What a coincidence: There's also more members not posting here than posting!
Posted 06-20-2019 at 01:50 PM by Varrok

Nepsotic's Avatar
Hasn't it been like that since day one
Posted 06-21-2019 at 09:02 AM by Nepsotic

Abeguy's Avatar
Anyone else here from the glory of the early 00's can weave you tales of the days where OTD was basically our Reddit, Fan-Art flowed through the streets, and the speculation leading up to Stranger's Wrath (and Fangus, RIP) was a constant buzz.

I look forward to the influx of users leading up to and after the release of SoulStorm, but it will definitely be an echo unless they're able to increase their production schedule.

Maybe I'm looking through the rose-tinted glasses of nostalgia that comes with joining here in my tweens, though. I'm plenty happy with the die-hards that are still around. Calmer, quieter. Quality over quantity.
Posted 06-21-2019 at 11:48 AM by Abeguy

Nepsotic's Avatar
I highly doubt the fact that Oddworld's output is the reason this place is so dead.
Posted 06-21-2019 at 11:33 PM by Nepsotic

Auriel's Avatar
Posted 06-22-2019 at 09:21 AM by Auriel

Nepsotic's Avatar
This place was MORE active during OWI's hiatus
Posted 06-22-2019 at 02:40 PM by Nepsotic

Nate's Avatar
I have not yet been on OWF for half my life, despite having been here since 2001 2002.

That's because I'm old.
Posted 06-23-2019 at 11:39 PM by Nate

OddYouko's Avatar
Geez. Haven't been on OWF in, like, forever.. Why, I remember when I logged on here last.. I believe the year was nineteen aught eleventy twelve..

Nah, I kid. But damn does it feel nice to log back on here again.
Posted 09-26-2019 at 05:28 PM by OddYouko

Phoetux's Avatar
Welcome back lad!
Posted 10-03-2019 at 01:12 PM by Phoetux


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