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Happy Christmas or whatever you celebrate!

Posted 12-24-2015 at 02:38 PM by Crashpunk
I know we've been having second thoughts about the Forums and are trying to revive it in a way.

But I just want to say Happy Christmas or whatever you celebrate to all ya who are still lurking on this ancient site.

You lot still mean a lot to me and I really do hope you all have a good one.
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Phylum's Avatar
Posted 12-24-2015 at 03:08 PM by Phylum

Havoc's Avatar
Happy holidays!
Posted 12-24-2015 at 03:40 PM by Havoc

OddjobAbe's Avatar
Kerry Missmass
Posted 12-24-2015 at 04:00 PM by OddjobAbe

RoryF's Avatar
Merry Crimbo everyone
Posted 12-24-2015 at 04:07 PM by RoryF

Nepsotic's Avatar
Merry fuck
Posted 12-24-2015 at 05:47 PM by Nepsotic

Alf Shall Rise's Avatar
merry and yeah
Posted 12-24-2015 at 07:46 PM by Alf Shall Rise

FrustratedAssassin's Avatar
Merry Christmas people

Or happy whatever you celebrate
Posted 12-24-2015 at 11:17 PM by FrustratedAssassin

Jordan's Avatar
Merry clitmas
Posted 12-25-2015 at 01:02 PM by Jordan

STM's Avatar
Bill Murraymass
Posted 12-25-2015 at 01:16 PM by STM

Connell's Avatar
Merry Christmas chaps, I still check up on here every day in case some massive surge of Oddworld fandom has occurred... we can all dream
Posted 12-26-2015 at 03:56 AM by Connell

MA's Avatar
merry christmas CP!
Posted 12-26-2015 at 03:46 PM by MA

Varrok's Avatar
It's too late, MA. You just missed it. Now CP will never have a merry christmas, and it's all because of you. I hope you're proud of yourself
Posted 12-27-2015 at 02:01 AM by Varrok

Crashpunk's Avatar
it was merry. just not as merry.

Posted 12-28-2015 at 02:05 AM by Crashpunk

Varrok's Avatar
Now hurry, and wish him a happy new year, MA!
Posted 12-28-2015 at 02:14 AM by Varrok

MA's Avatar
it's not new year until i'm drunk, stoned and seeing double.
Posted 12-28-2015 at 03:59 PM by MA

Varrok's Avatar
That way each day is a new year, right?
Posted 12-29-2015 at 04:19 AM by Varrok

Varrok's Avatar
MA, what are you doing?! It's, like, your last chance!
Posted 12-31-2015 at 10:46 AM by Varrok

Varrok's Avatar
Well, happy new year, CP.
Posted 12-31-2015 at 01:18 PM by Varrok

MA's Avatar
lol i forgot!
Posted 01-02-2016 at 11:27 AM by MA

Varrok's Avatar
Maybe you shouldn't have gotten drunk and stoned to the point you had seen double!
Posted 01-02-2016 at 01:43 PM by Varrok


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