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Fucking pissed off as fuck rn

Posted 02-06-2016 at 05:04 AM by enchilado
So I've been so damn excited to see Grimes and Purity Ring at this music festival, right? Two of my favourite arists at the moment and I was looking forward to it insanely much. Halfway through the day some cuntsack and his stupid strobe lights gave me a fucking seizure and I had to go to hospital and miss everyone that I really wanted to see. So I'm upset I didn't get to see them and also that I wasted $135. Fucking stupid fucking bullshit.
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Posted 12-04-2015 at 09:46 PM by enchilado
So I honestly thought we would end up getting married and having kids. We'd talked about it loads of times, and agreed to wait until we were done with university and had stable incomes. Eventually, she disagreed when I mentioned that, and told me she thought we could manage. I tried to gently let her know that I still didn't think it was a good idea, as much as I really wanted to have a kid with her.

Anyways. She left me a week later. She told me that she still loved me, but just...
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My grandma passed away

Posted 06-24-2015 at 03:25 AM by enchilado
I haven't cried since it happened yet. I did a bit earlier today after I visited her and saw how she was. When I visited her in hospital last week she was her usual chirpy self, making smart comments and smirking to herself, and then the day before yesterday she was finding it a bit difficult to talk, and today she could barely manage to wheeze anything out. It was liver cancer. She tried to say something about three times and couldn't get halfway through the sentence. I still don't know what the...
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I want to suck a cock so bad

Posted 12-19-2014 at 12:31 PM by enchilado
But I have a girlfriend. Life is shit.
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Love and stuff

Posted 08-21-2013 at 03:14 AM by enchilado
When my brother and I moved into this house about six months ago, I took an instant liking to one of the girls who'd already lived here for a couple of weeks. As time went by my feelings for her grew, and something about her manner around me made me wonder whether she might like me also. I told myself she couldn't possibly, while at the same time becoming convinced that she did. I learnt that it's entirely possible to be simultaneously certain that something is true and that it isn't.
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Manco wanted a blog

Posted 08-04-2012 at 01:19 AM by enchilado
How do I know if a girl on the internet is joking when she says she thinks she'd love me more if I wanted to fuck her?

I think that one deserves a blog of its own.
I don't really have much to say that I haven't said before (although probably no one remembers), but I'd love some advice if anyone has any...

Basically: I hung out on IRC and a girl there somewhat jokingly said she loved me. She teased me a bit and seeing my distress she...
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I have no idea what I am doing

Posted 07-23-2012 at 05:03 PM by enchilado
Yesterday was my first day of university. I had to spend the last of my money on two books that I need to read over the next few days. I don't even know if one of them is the right one.

And I still need to buy a psychology textbook, which I have no money for.

And I have no fucking clue how to write essays.
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When you're connected to IRC 24/7, how could texting possibly be more efficient?

Posted 07-03-2012 at 03:08 PM by enchilado
So why did she give me her number?
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I accidentally bought a phone

Posted 06-14-2012 at 02:11 AM by enchilado
Updated 06-14-2012 at 02:17 AM by enchilado

if 500 people agree to buy them they'll get them for $719 each

i accidentally did so

one sale to go

not that i don't want one... is it safe to buy something like this over ebay though...?


EDIT: actually, now it's all changed after the last person agreed to buy and it says 100 bought. Maybe this means I haven't entered a contract to buy it after all? I'm thoroughly confused...
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I hate decisions

Posted 06-10-2012 at 10:06 PM by enchilado
I wish there was some sort of computer program that could decide for me whether to get a tablet or a smartphone. If a tablet, which one? Or which smartphone? Man, the Samsung Galaxy SIII looks so damn nice. My parents might pay for it. But is there something better? I just don't know. Fuck decisions. I wish I was a robot.
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